Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Godzone here we come

Ok, it's official. Flights are booked and we are going to Queenstown for Godzone in March 2013. Not sure what team name will be, but we would love to continue racing as Team Bridgedale as those socks are just sooo good. Dave, Colin and Jerome would like to welcome Mary McBride to the team. She has been auditioning us for last few weeks to see if we are ok to hang out with. Mary fits in beautifully with our philisophy of fun, disrepect, speed tourism and having quaity time in stunning places. The boys passed her final test in the pub on Tuesday when she checked how we would cope if she had "a wee cry" during the race. We owned up to the occasional "waste of fluids" in previous races, and told her it was absolutely fine, as long as she didn't expect to stop or get any sympathy. Now .... Training .... er um, better do some.

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