Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Team Bridgedale Socks NZ hit the snow

Well, after an exhausting search for quality sponsors, and with the help
of NZ distributor Ampro, has rebranded as Team Bridgedale
Socks NZ. We are really happy about it and so are our feet (we've all
been wearing Bridgedale socks for years, including the last 2 XPD
adventures). To celebrate we had a little training outing from Jill's
place in Petone, cycling up to Tunnel Gully and then walking up Mt
Climie to enjoy the snow. Not that we think Tasmania will be that cold,
but after Threbo we just like to be prepared for all conditions.

We are: Jill Westenra, Colin Slater, Dave Rudge and Jerome Sheppard
(and for the next 10 weeks to be addressed as Queenie, Percy, Nursey and

[DR] I wasn't in country when I was named Nursey - I hate my team! AND I
am not in the photo.

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