Monday, 5 September 2011

Great sunny weekend

(Col) Yet another fantastic weekend of chilly nights/clear days. After the last few reasonably hectic weekends it was nice to have some more time to actually indulge in life ! Saturday had Jerome, Dave and I heading out past the massive south coast swells to grind up the Tip Track. Welly really is the place to live for riding. 25 mins of uphill unleashed a single track-fest back into town. A quick ride over Newtown saw us installed in the Spa supping post ride refreshments. Very necessary. Sunday saw a lovely walk over the back of Eastbourne into the 'feature' - a crazy weird freaky natural spot where you stand with one foot in the stream and literally 2 meters away the stream passes you again 20m down. Odd thing is the bend in stream has no big drops or distance. Totally inexplicable. But very cool. A long jaunt out to butterfly creek and along the tops before we dropped into Eastbourne. Nice wander on a sunny day.
This week of course is Rugby World Cup - awesome to see then new All Blacks sign up near the airport and of course my first game on Sunday night - South Africa v Wales. Go the Leeks. Going to be tough to fit training, work and rugby in !!!.

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